When Ian Schrager Talks, I listen


Mr. Schrager, in my opinion, speaks out to a casual elegance where anyone can feel comfortable in their surroundings.

I have admired his approach and his refined aesthetic sensibilities all along.  I think it is because we both started out in theatre.  Theatre translates very well into the Hotel industry because it is all about visual presentation…….and it is in that interpretation where Mr. Schrager shines.

As a great theatrical set design constantly feeds the audience information about the characters in the play and their environment, a great hotel interior should do the same through subliminal as well as obvious means.  Many hotel designs get too busy because of too many choices.

Deciding on a concept and sticking to it is where all design choices should come from.  The challenge lies in all the wonderful things to choose from – the temptation is to select so much the hotel looks like everything but the kitchen sink.

As Mr. Schrager says in this following Q&A, design is the solution to problem solving.  Practical and pleasing.

Anyone who has the courage to create a white interior theme for a hotel has my attention.

This is a recent Q&A session with Mr. Schrager at the Boutique Hotel Investment Conference that ran in Hotel News Now June 8, 2015.