The Heart of Foxwoods Resort Casino – Not Just a Casino


Foxwoods Resort Casino
350 Trolley Line Boulevard
Mashantucket, CT 06338

What Makes a Hotel Unique?
Every sizeable hotel is going to do their utmost to impress and that means the same things for every one of them: Food, Guestrooms, Meeting Space, Activities.  You will always hear about the latest upgrades, the newly renovated Guestroom, the expanded Meeting Space and the exciting Entertainment.

The Foxwoods Resort Hotels create an appeal and heart all on their own.

We are losing the “Wow” Factor
Impress, impress, extreme impress.  There is danger in that.  The customer (be it corporate group, vacationer, transient or other) is being “numbed” by all the “specialness” being loaded upon us.  We often forget where hospitality came from.  What are the bones of your Hospitality?

As someone who has been in the corporate meeting business for many years, I have been to the best hotels throughout the USA.  For me, it is important to define where the hospitality is and to touch the potential in any Hotel Relationship.

Where is the Foxwood Potential?
I chose Foxwoods because it bears the extra attraction (burden?) of also being a Casino.  I wanted to see how Foxwoods Hotels create their own persona and appeal without the attachment and reputation of being a casino.  Can Foxwoods Resort stand alone?

The first thing that impresses is that Foxwoods is in the middle of nowhere Connecticut – a perception not often put upon Connecticut.  The 360 degree forest views are breathtaking from your guestroom.  The skating rink and all that open land lends one to remember the popularity of the Catskill Resorts – the winter sports and the summer activities.  The potential is all there.  The key to a destination venue is best use what is already there and using it to full advantage.

Checking into the Foxwoods Tower is an excellent experience.  As a well-seasoned traveler looking at the long line ahead of me, I was wrong.  I was at the front desk before I knew it and….they were expecting me!  A nice welcome.

The Lobby is practical, yet comfortable and sunny.  The specialty shops are attractive.  There are many excellent restaurants to suit your style and credit card.

The Theatre is smartly designed and can take any headliner or road show that comes in.  When we talk about potential, this is a beautiful theatre that was done right. I would love to see wonderful shows booked here for all ages every night!

There are endless beautiful meeting rooms that can take anything from Advisory Board meetings to Expos.  Foxwoods provides excellent Convention and Sales services.  Your meeting will be planned and executed well.  But what will be remembered?

What makes the difference at Foxwoods?  Individual creativity.
While attending a professional event at Foxwoods, I met Banquet Chef Robb Brunelee during the backstage tour. What is not forgotten is his sheer enthusiasm as he gave us a cooking demonstration, telling us all that goes into preparing his meals.

The raw bar presentation was visually not to be believed.  The choices, the layout, the endless supply of delectable seafood that Chef Brunelee and his staff prepared made you feel you were attending a King’s feast.

I especially enjoyed Executive Pastry Chef, Franck Iglesias’s use of color and imagination.  The dessert displays (that took up the entire meeting room) was like watching a fantasy circus of edible color.  Delight was just in looking at everything and then the tasting.   I remember Chef Iglesias saying how he purchased a bunch of clear plastic tubes that intrigued him, wondering what could he do with them.  It took about a year, but that night we enjoyed candy lipstick in all colors encased in lipstick holders made from these clear plastic tubes.

Creativity can take time but it makes all the difference in a memorable event.

There is no other place in the world like Foxwoods.  It may be the largest casino in North America, but there will always be restaurants, shops and casinos anywhere you go.  It is the Foxwoods “home” comfort, creative hospitality in the heart of a beautiful location that makes the difference.