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My Take on “Heads in Beds”    2/1/13

I recently finished reading Heads in Beds ~ A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles and So-Called Hospitality, by Jacob Tomsky.

I will get the disclaimers out of the way first:  Mr. Tomsky can write – really well.  He wrote about something he knows inside and out.  While his course humor is not my style, he builds it and delivers on it impeccably.  I loved his respectful nod to Brian Wilson.  I can see someone wanting to make it into a movie because it is a mostly untouched topic and with the right Stars, this could become a successful satire (if only Ryan Gosling were 5 years younger).  Heads in Beds could do for the Hotel Industry what The Nanny Diaries did for the Au Pair business.
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New only happens once and then it’s gone.
There is constant need to create an ever changing Industry presence.

Consultant Projects

-Writing Marketing Content
Whether your Brand is promoting a holiday getaway, special promotion, or new flagship property, as your marketing content writer writing about the Guest Experience, we take your future guests to the point of saying “I’ve got to have this. I have got to go to this hotel for my next meeting, vacation, lunch, shopping spree, wedding…..”

-Promotional and Management Services
-Creating Hotel Relationships programs designed to enhance the Corporate Group meetings and Guest experience.
-Project Development and Management/Facilitator for Hotels, Convention Visitor Bureaus and their agencies.
-Sourcing Packages promoting the best from a selection of Hotel Brands

The Interview Forum

-The Written Interview
Bring together Hotel Industry Leaders on important topics without ever leaving home. I personally conduct the phone conversation and then weave the information into a dynamic interview discussion. Whether it is about the opening of your new restaurant or a piece in an industry publication, my expertise lies in the research and making the writing look seamless.

– Live Roundtable Forums
Gathering Hotel Industry Experts and Key Opinion Leaders together for a live roundtable forum conducted in your Hotel. I will manage and facilitate the event and capture, while working closely with you in defining the topic and structure of the interview and choosing the right participants.

Project Samples:
Hotel News Now

The Gaylord Palms Resort renovation from a meeting professional’s point of view.
Gaylord Palms Resort Reprint MeetingKnowledge

I look forward to our first project together.

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