Offering one-hour talk, workshop, classes.  Flexible formats according to the needs of the programs. Call for details.  We will develop the program together.

Topic:  Improving Communication Skills

Knowing the Person You Are About to Meet Before the Handshake

A Sales and Marketing Motivational Tool and an under-the-radar self-help presentation, without the audience even knowing.

Andria Goldin Corporate Communications Speaking Topics

It is important to feel an instant rapport with someone you have just met.
How to establish that?

By finding the key connection you have with the person.  Wouldn’t you like to know something about the person before you meet them?

You can know the basic nature of a person, just by learning their first name.    I call it  Knowing the Person You Are About to Meet Before the Handshake

Goal: To make you feel comfortable with anyone you meet
In an hour I can teach you fundamentals that will give you a leg up to knowing who the person you are talking to really is.

Learning objective: To expand the way of interpreting what you see/hear in people by sharing tools and techniques that will gain them a quicker understanding of the person they just met.  This, in turn, will enhance your listening and communicating skills and ultimately create a more personalized conversation with the person you are talking to.

One wants to get to the source of what the other person is like as quickly as possible. I will show the attendee how to accomplish this by:

  • Introducing the social concept of how to start the conversation
  • Demonstrating live interactive examples
  • Learning how to watch, observe and  listen
  • Using of the Visual Aids provided
  • Recommending resources to learn more should you choose to