Meeting tips

TIP: It is always vital to imagine how the meeting is going to seem like from the Attendee point of view. A Call to Action, Breakout sessions, Training will be better received if we know what the Attendee is experiencing.

TIP: A successful meeting/event can be intricate but it does not have to be complicated.

TIP: Price first – Offer later. No Client likes to be sold on a great idea only to find out later that the cost far exceeded what they are willing to pay. Never misjudge the exuberance and enthusiasm of the moment. It is always about the bottom line

TIP: Every aspect of the logistical arrangements, whether it be flights, ground transfers, off site events etc. – always goes back to the purpose/reason for the meeting and taking care of the Attendees.

TIP: Arrange the activity according to the Client request but at the same time do the “What If?” with your vendor. What else can you do? What if it rains? What if we change venues, etc?

TIP: The most important thing – always – is the meeting space – do not skimp or make do. The entire purpose of the meeting happens in that space

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