We travel light.

The primary way MeetingKnowledge saves you money is because we have minimum overhead. What you are mostly paying for is our expertise and efficiency. We are not layered in any mandatory staffing hierarchy. You are hiring me first and then the support services as needed. We are strictly staffed on an as needed basis.

We will review with the Client what will be a pass-through cost or mark-up. Pooling resources is always valuable. It may be more cost effective for the Client’s office to handle some admin work, if it saves money. We are happy to accommodate any savings as long as the lines of responsibility are clear.

I have been a Meeting Professional for many years. Knowing when it is better to use known staffing resources, (which could cost more), or hire local unknowns to do a big job with responsibility is a tough decision. Working with proven Staff who you already know will perform efficiently and passionately is a very valuable commodity. This takes careful consideration at the time of budgeting and not after.

How do you find cost savings – you may ask?

Project Control. The key to cost savings is thinking ahead – imagining everything that will be needed, writing it all down and then putting a cost to them and/or eliminating them entirely.

Let’s face it – the meeting will cost something. Sometimes Clients are naïve in thinking the Hotel will just give them things. No, Hotels are out to make money, too.

But there are ways in approaching “how” you need things. Sharing is good. If you have a sales team who needs a copier, and a stage crew team who also need a copier, arrange for a mutual room and rent just one copier. Both groups need a copier, not two copiers. Collecting all the shipping materials and sending them out all at once on a palette and not as individual boxes is a cost savings. This may cause some inconvenience to some people, but this is where the next key to project control comes in – and that is cooperation.

Everyone looks forward to the coffee break between sessions, but grouping them into a common area, so there is a single coffee break area instead of one for every hallway or breakout session will certainly cut down on hotel BEO costs. This requires some flexibility on the attendees’ part, but by no means a compromise.

Careful view of the scope. I will always alert the Client to any new request made that may have an impact on the budget and discuss with them is this addition really going to be worth it? Is this a wanna have or gotta have?

And lastly: I am really good at deadlines, just an inherent thing about me.

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