A Great Idea for a Start Up Restaurant Business


“One of the Best Meals I Ever Had Was a Pot Luck Supper.”
Every dish was home-made, delicious, different and made with love.
“I have never had such cooking as that.”

Let’s look at this: Pot Luck Supper meets Local Flavor.
A Local Restaurant with good home cooking. Supper every night.

The ambience is relaxed, folksy and cordial. The chairs, tables and linens say “Come on and sit down.” This restaurant is the embodiment of good home cooking, healthy comfort food and each dish original. Nothing fancy, no frills – no “cuisine.”

A loving, friendly space where good friends and families go for a good time and to get the news.

Real simple. Real good. No menus. Every night is different.

Only 2, maybe 3 hot choices offered with soup and veggies and home-made desserts.
Local Flavor, as the restaurant is called, will rotate their choices every day to keep it fresh.
Salad fixings are there if you want it.
No waitresses or servers – Serve yourself or family style.

Sharing the Abundance
Anyone who is into cooking has that special dish they have created and loves to share.

To help out with that, Local Flavor will occasionally invite others who love to cook to add their exceptional dish to the selection for the evening. This will help with the work load and the contributor will get a % of the evening’s income.

Word of mouth will create the traffic as favorite dishes are identified. Repurposing can grow into special events at Local Flavor like bake offs, cooking contests, birthday parties, fund raisers and the inevitable and very profitable Local Flavor Cookbooks.

How easy this would be to Franchise?
Local Flavor Across the USA – with each region showcasing their most proud dishes. Texas does not cook the same way as Louisiana or Iowa. Local Flavor Tulsa, Local Flavor Des Moines, Local Flavor Lexington, Local Flavor Green Bay. Can you see it? Keep the management style simple and in control and we can all share in the abundance.

Travelers would plan cross country tours just to visit as many Local Flavor restaurants as they can.

What has this to do with Hotels and Meetings?
Not much, except imagine your corporate group at an off-site buy out of a Local Flavor restaurant, where strategy, training and
Call To Actions can be determined in such a relaxed atmosphere.

Creativity, Resolve and home-made apple pie a la mode all in one place.
That’s something to be remembered.